Bullets And Blood - Part 3

James Cagney is in exile.

The lives of Harry Warner's children have been threatened.

Jack Warner's megalomania is spiralling dangerously out of control.

Life in general is about to change forever, as Adolf Hitler begins his horrifying assault on humanity.

But the greatest threat to the Warner family's empire will come from within...


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Bullets And Blood - Part 2

During the 1930's, Warner Brothers Studios established themselves as the master purveyors of the contemporary crime drama, or as audiences have forever since called them, "The Gangster Movie"...

But all fiction springs from truth...

In Part Two of 'Bullets And Blood', hear the incredible stories behind some of the most enduring gangster fiction ever committed to film, from the shadowy machinations of Al Capone and his war on Chicago's North Side gang, to the macabre tale of "Il Diavolo" and his juvenile henchmen... 

And behind the screen itself, the dramatic saga of the Warner family continues, along with the story of the only star in Hollywood willing to take them on...

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Bullets And Blood - Part 1

The story of the Warner Brothers studio is the story of the American dream - an immigrant family who escaped a violent beginning, and arrived penniless in America, only to conquer its newest and most lucrative art form.

The Warner formula was simple - to thrill audiences with stories torn straight from the headlines, and as such, Warner Studios became the home of the crime film...

In Part One of 'Bullets And Blood', hear the incredible story of the Warner family, and of the iron-willed redhead from the belly of New York, who would go on to become their biggest star...