Once upon a time, Hollywood went to war with itself. 

In the mid-1930’s, Communism began to find its way into the film capital of the world, and over the next two decades, it tore the glamorous world of Tinseltown apart.


The story of the Red Scare in Hollywood, that destroyed lives, allowed personal revenges to be taken, and changed the face of Hollywood forever, can be told through the stories of eight people. 

Some of the eight made it through unscathed, some were destroyed, but all were changed forever. 

But what was the Communist Scare, and why was it so terrifying to Americans in the 40's and 50's? 

In this special episode of Attaboy Clarence, hear the epic story of how Red Fear came to Hollywood through the multi-layered stories of Budd Schulberg, Elia Kazan, John Garfield, Dorothy Comingore, Edward Dymytryk, Dalton Trumbo, Walt Disney and Humphrey Bogart.

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