Think Fast Mr Moto [DVD]
Starring Peter Lorre, Virginia Field, Thomas Beck

8. Think Fast, Mr. Moto (1937)

Peter Lorre's first outing as the mild-mannered Mr. Moto is a ship-bound treat, spiced with smugglers, blackmail and murder. It's a perfect introduction to the Japanese secret agent, and has the balls to play it a little differently from its contemporaries. Newcomers to the Moto series may find themselves in doubt as to Moto's intentions on the basis of the first two acts. Lorre is wonderful in his first heroic role, his delicate stature masking a seething, lethal physicality. His Moto is at once loveable, enigmatic, disquietingly malevolent, and endlessly fascinating.

Killer Line:

Moto: "Half the world spends its time laughing at the other half, and both are fools"