One becomes two...

Hi there,

Just a quick post to clear up any confusion. A Universe Of Horrors was being hosted at Dropbox, because it exceeded the maximum file size limit for my normal cloud host. This was fine until it started getting a lot of downloads.

Dropbox banned me! They shut down my account due to "excessive bandwidth usage", which is all very flattering, but doesn't really help when you, you know, WANT there to be lots of downloads. So anyway, I upgraded my Dropbox account to a Pro, which theoretically should have been fine.

However, they have banned me again, due again to "excessive download activity". Seeing as the download limit for Pro users is 200gb a day, I can only surmise that A Universe Of Horrors is quite a hit. However, they have also given me no option but to withdraw the show from Dropbox, and split it into two parts, so that I can use my regular hosting service.

This will have the effect of causing a new show to appear in your podcatchers, entitled 'A Universe Of Horrors - Part 2'. This isn't a new show to go with the old one. It's the second half of the old one. A quick scan down past shows will show you that there is now a Part 1 and a Part 2.

Sorry if this turn of events takes you by surprise, but it is unavoidable.

Anyhow, I shall be back with the regular show on Tuesday 18th November, but until then, look out for some appearances I'll be making on The Q Filmcast, The Stinking Pause, and Good Podcasts.

See you all very soon