It gives me all kinds of pleasure to announce a new patron reward tier on the old Patreon page!

If you scroll all the way down, you'll find a new $15 tier that gives the benefactor a whole new service - movie commentaries!

Anyone signing up to this tier will get all the benefits of previous tiers, plus at least twice a year they'll receive exclusively recorded movie commentaries to go alongside some classics of Golden Age cinema. 

And yes, I will be polling the $15 tier patrons to see which movies they want commentaries for.

Basically, they'll be Secret History Of Hollywood audio documentaries to run alongside specific films instead of genres or wider subjects, which should allow for some deeper insight into specific titles.

These commentaries will only be available through this channel, and if I choose a movie you've suggested, then you'll receive a credit. Patrons of this tier will automatically receive access to the entire back catalogue of these commentaries as and when they appear.

If you've already signed up to any tier at all, then I must thank you most sincerely for your support. The costs of running these shows are growing all the time, and your donations make them so much better. Music licensing, for instance, is a huge cost but made affordable by you listeners, so thank you.

Anyway, as to which commentary to do first. I was thinking maybe 'The Brighton Strangler'...


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