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Christmas Greetings?

Howdy to you all,

No, don't worry, I haven't become a supermarket and started my Christmas celebrations in July or something, but I AM in the midst of preparing for the 2015 Christmas Special episode, and once again would love for you all to appear!

All I need from you is a short recorded Christmas message, something along the lines of "Merry Christmas to everyone from <insert name here>". If you'd like to hear an example, then do go and listen to last year's Christmas Special which you can find by clicking here

Don't worry about sound quality, I can sort that out at my end, just record your greeting on your phones, or computers, or if you're a fellow podcaster, on your recording equipment, and send them to me at and you'll be co-starring alongside your favourite Golden Age stars this Christmas on The Attaboy Clarence 2015 Christmas Special.

I need your greeting as soon as possible, as I'm already assembling the show, but no later than the 13th of December.

Thank you all in advance for participating!