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A Big Change... Back...


After many technical woes over the past few months, I've decided to bite the bullet and move my shows away from my network, putting them back here on the site, where they began in the first place.

Anyone who's tried to download 'The Final Adventures Of Alfred Hitchcock' and only gotten 4hrs of it instead of 9hrs, will know what I'm talking about. At one point, six of the eight Secret History shows had mysteriously vanished, along with twenty of the Attaboys.

I'm not going to talk badly of my network, they were very nice people who did their best to always fix the problems promptly, but unfortunately for them, I am a little bit obsessive over my output, and simply could not relax knowing that half of them had vanished.

Therefore, the shows are once again being hosted here on the site in co-operation with the marvellous Libsyn, who have welcomed me back with open arms, even archiving my back episodes for free, god bless 'em.

So the reason I'm making a big fuss about it, and making sure that you know, is that over the next day or so, you may see weird activity on my RSS Feed, which translates to "If you're subscribed, then the latest episodes may suddenly download again". If this happens, simply stop the download, and delete the episode. Or listen to it again, whatever.

Thank you for reading, and if you wouldn't mind retweeting the tweet I put out, pointing people to this blog post, I'd be very grateful.