Episode 41: A Devil Of A Time

It's the very devilish Episode 41, containing...

Great news for pimps! Humphrey Bogart in-jokes! The return of The Brighton Strangler! Spam-Wiches! Cold-remedy Genies! A phone call to Adam's dad!


Up pops the Devil in reviews of three films: 'The Seventh Victim', 'Alias Nick Beal', and 'The Devil And Daniel Webster'

Radio entertainment this week comes from a show that hasn't been featured here before, and tells the devilish tale of the price of seven years good luck...

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Episode 15: They're Here!


SHOCK! Marvel to the sound of an increasingly drunk Basil Rathbone!

RELAX! At last, a solution to the ever-increasing “Dirty Window Sash” epidemic!

FEAST! Luxuriate in reviews of four classic science-fiction movies, including ‘The Man Who Changed His Mind’, ‘Creature From The Black Lagoon’, ‘Invisible Agent’, and ‘The Trollenberg Terror’… actually make that three classic movies…!

SYMPATHISE! Realise the trauma of speaking to Adam’s father on the telephone!

THRILL! Turn the headphones up high and the lights down low, as Adam presents the original, unedited version of the Orson Welles’ notorious 1938 broadcast of ‘The War Of The Worlds’, the most infamous radio presentation of all time!

REJOICE! Find out who won last week’s competition!

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