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Episode 36: Basil The Great

This week, REEL at some rather startling news, TRANSFORM your life with Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, RELAX as there's finally a 'Thank You' theme, and DIG IN to a great big bowl of Cheerios.

This week we're going Full Rathbone, as Adam tells you about three films featuring one of the Golden Age's greatest stars, two you may not have heard of, and one you definitely have!

We're then off to radio land for a double bill of a rather amazing radio show starring Basil The Great himself as... well, you'll see...


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Movies reviewed this week: Love From A Stranger (1937), Sin Takes A Holiday (1930), The Adventures Of Robin Hood (1938)


Episode 19: Big Shots!

In the final episode of Attaboy Clarence’s teens, we’re focusing on some classic action movies!

THRILL to reviews of ‘The Mark of Zorro’, ‘Pimpernel Smith’, ‘The Roaring Twenties’ and ‘Captain Blood’!

FROWN when you hear what’s on the menu for the delightful people who’ve made Adam’s birthday dreams come true!

RECOIL at the thought of Adam’s definition of Kreml Hair Tonic!

WATCH the new Film Club choice; the most dazzling of all Agatha Christie screen adaptations!

DISCOVER one of the most criminally overlooked Hollywood legends, a man who used every spare moment to take down the Nazis during World War II!

WIN not one, but THREE prizes, and all it takes is a little imagination…!

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The Brighton Strangler

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Adam fixes the sound, experiments with chamber pots, reviews 'Night Key', loses it completely whilst trying to describe the sheer brilliance of 'The Brighton Strangler' (CANTERBURY!), announces 'The Top 3 Most Disappointing Witticisms That Ever Happened... During A Sword Fight', thanks some special people, and brings you a very apt radio play.


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The Brighton Strangler

Night Key

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