horror movies


Episode 47: The Haunted Shores

This week, Adam returns to horror once more, reviews of three classic scary movies: The Ghost Train (1941), House Of Horrors (1946), and The Uninvited (1944).

There's annoyance aplenty in the form of Arthur Askey, lumbering murderers in the form of The Creeper, and chills on the coast with Ray Milland...

ALSO, hear an ad translated on the fly, LISTEN to the most niche medical product of all time, and TURN DOWN THE LIGHTS as the Screen Director's Playhouse provides the thrills...

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Episode 35: Shock, Horror!

This week we're descending into the shadows to look at three classic horror movies - a peculiar little British portmanteau of chills entitled 'Three Cases Of Murder', Bela Lugosi as a deadly doctor with a remote control hedge in 'Voodoo Man', and the supremely creepy tale of a man's gamble with dark powers in 1949's 'The Queen Of Spades'...

We're also shooting cereal from guns again, as well as trying to find out how Clippercraft do it? And just how would a conversation between a famous cowboy and the daughter of a horror icon sound?

Find out in this week's episode...

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