it happened tomorrow


Episode 23: You Have Failed, Monk!

In this week's episode... 

LEARN all about Adam's aversion to Wella-Hella-Hellas!

TAKE a chill pill with Walt and Phil!

REALISE the advertising magic of using a bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-buhh-bu-bum in your commercial!

GAWP at Bela Lugosi's crazy inventions in the 1939 horror 'The Phantom Creeps' and marvel at the ineptitude of bald robots with eyebrows, magic meteorites, paralysis spiders, and the wisdom of using ex-convicts named Monk to adjust your invisibility belts!

THRILL to a review of the film that could quite easily be mistaken for a piece of Frank-Capra-Corn, the utterly delightful 'It Happened Tomorrow' and...

GUESS the secret word, as we join Groucho Marx in this week's slice of classic radio, the most popular radio quiz of its day, the astonishingly wonderful 'You Bet Your Life'

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