john wayne


Episode 44: The Girl In The Pasture

Notable occurrences! Bowling! Creepy phone calls! Hip-Hop-Hippity-Hop Robot Canterburys! They're all here...

But this week also belongs to Ireland's most indomitable redhead, a star who has long carried the torch of the Golden Age, but who has now sadly departed to join her co-stars, Ireland's finest, and The Queen Of Technicolor herself, Miss Maureen O'Hara.

Adam will be shining a torch on three of his favourite Maureen O'Hara films, 'The Hunchback Of Notre Dame' (1939), 'Sentimental Journey' (1946), and 'The Quiet Man' (1952), along with a double bill of her radio appearances, from 'Suspense', and 'The Lux Radio Theatre'.

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