laraine day


Is There A Doctor In The House?


This time it’s a deep dive into one of the greatest film series’ from the Golden Age!

Yes, the Dr Kildare series from MGM provided audiences then and now with a collection of the best stars, the best scripts, and the best stories, all from the hand of Kildare’s original author, Max Brand.

But why exactly did it work so well? And why did it come to a sudden and abrupt end? Find out inside…

There’s music from The Andrews Sisters, alcohol advice from a man who considers himself VERY harassed, and a radio entertainment double bill!

Come on in…

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Episode 68: Can't Lose

Attaboy Clarence is back!

In this episode, Thank Yous, Canterburys, Bulletins and more questions from the Question Pot!


Another game of 'Who The Hell Is That Hollywood Legend?'!

Sookie muses on her Christmas!

Competition time!

Reviews of three movies featuring octopus villains, eternal youth and a con man with a heart of gold!

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