margaret lockwood


Episode 70: Whole Lotta Lockwood

It's the 70th, and therefore PLATINUM edition of 'Attaboy Clarence'!

To celebrate, we'll listen to a very confusing advertisement, plus test our strength with Cheerios!

PLUS another round of 'Who The Hell Is That Hollywood Legend?'

The Question Pot throws up another handful of conundrums...

We'll also unveil the winner of the Val Lewton competition...

This week's movies all star that most dazzling of British actresses, Margaret Lockwood, and include a newlywed bride harbouring a dark secret, a nurse who just can't seem to stop being tried for murder, and a blind girl in peril...

Radio entertainment comes this week from the Lux Radio Theatre.

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Episode 57: Shadows Of Hitchcock

This week, HEAR the way that cars should be sold!

THRILL to some doctors advice regarding laxatives!

LISTEN to reviews of two films directly inspired by the "Master Of Suspense", Alfred Hitchcock; 'Non-Stop New York' starring Adam's new crush, Anna Lee (floaty music), and 'Night Train To Munich' starring the irrepressible duo, Charters and Caldicott!

Radio entertainment this week comes from the Screen Director's Playhouse, a very interestingly cast version of Hitchcock's personal favourite movie...

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