the gorilla


Episode 33: The Worst of The Best

This week, come FLY with Adam as we take a trip to see where you're all from.

LISTEN to the mesmeric chant of a tobacco auctioneer!

PUZZLE at the spelling ability of a Vimms salesman!

And DESCEND into the greatest year in Hollywood's history, to trawl through the mud as Adam presents The Worst Movies Of 1939, a list that includes Englishman Boris Karloff as a Chinese-American-English-Chinese detective or something, a Laurel-less Hardy being stalked by a lovesick elephant, and Bela Lugosi and Lionel Atwill in the worst film ever reviewed on this podcast!

Radio entertainment finds us in the company of a sinister doctor played by one of horror's greats, as we journey into "Radio's Outstanding Theatre Of Thrills" once more...

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Films mentioned in this show: The Mystery Of Mr Wong (1939), Zenobia (1939), The Gorilla (1939)