September 2019


In this month’s extravaganza, Adam and the Talking Pictures reviewers give you their verdicts on a whole host of upcoming treats in September, featuring Cary Grant, Morecambe & Wise, Claude Rains, Irene Dunne, Ralph Bates, Ingrid Bergman, Alfie Bass, Behemoth The Sea Monster, Kenneth Williams, Alastair Sim, Margaret Rutherford, Flanders & Swann, James Stewart, Arthur Askey and the devil himself!

They’re all here, and you should be too!

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July 2019


In this month’s Talking Pictures TV celebration, we’ve got the biggest Hitchcock copycat ever, the first ever foreign language movie for the channel, a cursed sword-and-sandals production, a husband trying to hide his wife’s deadly secret. the most successful British movie ever AND fabulous music from Sid James and the weirdest band the British Invasion ever produced!

Starring Sid James, Klaus Kinski, Robert Young, Florence Bates, Felix Aylmer, Jean Simmons, Liza Minnelli, Flanders And Swann, Monica Vitti, Anna Neagle, Patricia Roc, Michael Wilding, Ida Lupino and many, many more!

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Written & Produced by Adam Roche

Guest reviewers: Daniel Reifferscheid, Cev Moore, Mel Byron, Steve “Shameful” Noble, Claire Mortimer, Kate Bolin, Gareth Preston, Kelly Morton, Andrea Braid, Kelly Luther, Mark Cunliffe, Chris Hughes

June 2019


It's June! 

In this special episode, hear all about what Talking Pictures has coming up for its audience, in the company of your host, Adam Roche!

Co-starring are Daniel Reifferscheid, Kelly Morton, Chris HUGHES, Chris & Eric Benson, Gareth Preston, Ally Pitts, Cev Moore, Gabriela Masson, Leigh Wilson, Melanie Williams, Steve Noble...

...and Just William, Sid James, Joan Sims, Bob Monkhouse, Dana Andrews, Bill Owen, Patricia Roc, and many many more!

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May 2019


Welcome back to The Talking Pictures TV Podcast!

This time we’re taking a look at some of the treasures coming your way in May. We’ve got special guests, a VERY special celebrity guest, music, plus plenty of highlights from this month’s schedule, so come on in!

Starring Robert Donat, Sid James, Bernard Cribbins, Robert Powell, Laurence Olivier, Kris Kristofferson, Boris Karloff, Rosemary Clooney, Christopher Lee, Harrison Ford, Beryl Reid, Googie Withers, Sylvia Sims, William Hartnell, Peter Lorre and many, many more!

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April 2019


Welcome along to the April edition of The Talking Pictures TV Podcast!

This time round I’ll be telling you all about the GREATEST MUSIC FILM OF ALL TIME! The most diabolical Ealing film of all time! The greatest BBC-based murder mystery OF ALL TIME!

We’ve got music from Liz Fraser, Bob Monkhouse, Jim Dale, Perry Como, Sid James, Elisabeth Welch and Hoagy Carmichael.

And guest appearances from Laurence Olivier, James Stewart, Shirley Eaton, Alec Guinness, Pierce Brosnan, Loretta Young, Dennis Price, Joseph Cotten, Joan Greenwood, Cary Grant, John Gielgud’s Evil Twin, Bette Davis, Richard O’ Sullivan, Neil Diamond and many more!

And all of the treasures you’ll hear about are playing on Talking Pictures TV in April, so count your blessings and MAKE SURE YOU’RE WATCHING!

On top of all this, there’s a fantastic competition for you to enter!

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March 2019

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In this month’s mammoth compendium of treasures, Adam will be guiding you through reviews, a sea of special guests, some fabulous musical treats, a guide to what’s coming up on Talking Pictures TV AND a very special chat with Talking Pictures founder, Sarah Cronin-Stanley!

We’ve got special appearances from Laurel & Hardy, Ingrid Bergman, Sid James, Cliff Richard, Laurence Olivier, George Formby, Will Hay, Joan Fontaine, Edward Woodward, Alfred Hitchcock, Nigel Bruce, Bill Owen and many, many more!

It’s our pleasure to extend a very warm welcome to the UK’s Number 1 TV & Film Podcast!

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February 2019


Hello and welcome along to the very first episode of the all-new official Talking PIctures TV Podcast hosted by Adam Roche.

In this episode, we’ll be taking you through some of the delights headed your way in February on the biggest independent television channel in Great Britain!

We’ve got Boris Karloff, Sid James, Arthur Askey, Morecambe and Wise, Petula Clark, Eric Portman, John Le Mesurier, Alec Guiness, Celia Johnson, Sabu, Miles Malleson, Laurel & Hardy, Dirk Bogarde, Charlie Chaplin, Robert Donat, Honor Blackman, Googie Withers, Anthony Newley, Edward G. Robinson, Richard Burton and many, many more!

Plus a whole brigade of special guests, a competition, some glorious music, a boy, a girl, a bike, and a very warm welcome to the very first episode of The Official Talking Pictures TV Podcast!

Come on in!

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