loretta young


April 2019


Welcome along to the April edition of The Talking Pictures TV Podcast!

This time round I’ll be telling you all about the GREATEST MUSIC FILM OF ALL TIME! The most diabolical Ealing film of all time! The greatest BBC-based murder mystery OF ALL TIME!

We’ve got music from Liz Fraser, Bob Monkhouse, Jim Dale, Perry Como, Sid James, Elisabeth Welch and Hoagy Carmichael.

And guest appearances from Laurence Olivier, James Stewart, Shirley Eaton, Alec Guinness, Pierce Brosnan, Loretta Young, Dennis Price, Joseph Cotten, Joan Greenwood, Cary Grant, John Gielgud’s Evil Twin, Bette Davis, Richard O’ Sullivan, Neil Diamond and many more!

And all of the treasures you’ll hear about are playing on Talking Pictures TV in April, so count your blessings and MAKE SURE YOU’RE WATCHING!

On top of all this, there’s a fantastic competition for you to enter!

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