The Official Talking Pictures TV Podcast Announcement!


It gives me great pleasure to announce that from January, I will be writing, producing and hosting The Official Talking Pictures TV Podcast!

For several years now, Talking Pictures TV has been showering British television with some honest-to-goodness treasures from the past. The United States has TCM. We here in the UK have Talking Pictures TV, which has fast become a national treasure and in my opinion, a public service!

Throughout the day and night Talking Pictures TV presents the cream of the cinema of yesteryear, alongside television and entertainment shows, and has, since 2015, become essential viewing.

This will be Talking Pictures first foray into the podcast world, so I’m hugely honoured to have been given the opportunity to host and produce the official podcast for their incredible channel, which will be bringing you reviews, news, spotlights, competitions, insights, interviews, everything!

I’m very excited. I’m very nervous. And I can’t wait to get started!

For now, follow the brand new (minutes old!) Twitter account for the new podcast at @tptvpodcast and stay tuned for more news on the brand new, official Talking Pictures TV Podcast Show coming very soon! And tell everyone you can.

And of course, tune in to Talking Pictures TV on Virgin 445, Freesat 306, Freeview or Youview 81, or Sky 328.