London Meet Up!

On March 5th, myself and Dominic, the marvellously talented producer who created the BBC Radio 4 Extra show, ‘The Lives Of HarryTowers’, will be attending a screening of ‘Oceans 11’ at The Barbican, London.

As we’re congregating in the capital for the evening, we thought it might be a marvellous opportunity to spend a few hours in your company! If you can make it, I’d absolutely adore the opportunity to shake your hand, buy you that ice-cream I’ve been promising you, and talk all things classic movies.  

If you have the evening to spare, we’ll be at Finch’s Pub in Finsbury Square, from 5pm - 8pm, and we’d love to see you all. 

For more details on the venue click here: 

AND if you’d like to come along with us to The Barbican and watch Ocean’s 11, the details are here: 

Dearly hope you can make it!