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Episode 28: The Con Is On!

In this subterfuge-laden episode, listen as Adam brings you the latest headlines, news of the upcoming Alfred Hitchcock special, mends a terrible wrong, and brings you reviews of three movies from the Golden Age that had con-artists at their heart; Preston Sturges' 'The Lady Eve' (1941), Frank Capra's 'Lady For A Day' (1933), and Ernst Lubitsch's finest hour, 'Trouble In Paradise' (1932).

Radio goodness this week comes courtesy of the Lux Radio Theatre, who this time around have a guest producer...

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Episode 25: A Wicked Woman

This week, it's Lugosi vs Connery, as more monks come out of the woodwork, Adam analyses the "high cost of living" and gives you an abundance of happy piano.

Film reviews come courtesy of another Cornell Woolrich-penned nailbiter in the form of 1944's nightmarish 'Phantom Lady', and the downright spellbinding Gene Tierney in the downright shocking 'Leave Her To Heaven' from 1945, which sees her... well... you'll hear all about it in this week's Attaboy Clarence!

This week's slice of radio stars another "bad gal" in the shape of Barbara Stanwyck, and the winer of the Universal Monsters Bluray Boxset is announced. Will it be you? Probably not as I only have one to give, but how's about an iTunes review anyway? You can do so here

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The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship

Episode 10: The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship 

In this week's very Bogart affair, Adam finally compiles the Five Greatest Hat Adverts (or Hat-verts, if you will), and directs your attention to four Humphrey Bogart films that may have passed you by, including Bogart's only outing as a vampire, and a stone-cold classic first-person suspense thriller! 

This week's radio play features Bogart in perhaps his most iconic role. 

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