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The Aaaargh-ttaboy Clarence Halloween Special!


Wooooooo! (That’s a ghost noise, by the way…)

It’s a spookfest this time round, with ghoulish reviews of three classic chillers, including a mad doctor with ice on the brain, a mad doctor with a murderer on his hands, and a mad doctor with a secret in the basement…

There’s eerie music from Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby and Mary Ann McCall!

Brook Darnell returns for an inside look at one of horror’s greatest icons!

There’s a dip into the Question Pot!

The winner of the Jamaica Inn competition is announced!

Sookie’s been getting into the Halloween spirit…

PLUS there’s a classic slice of Halloween radio…

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Episode 81: What, Ho!


In this episode...

Hear all about the BFI meetup! 

Sing-along with a classic calypso melody!

And brace yourself for a... brace of reviews... 1937's 'Think Fast, Mr Moto', starring Peter Lorre, an Austro-Hungarian, playing a Japanese secret agent, disguised as an Egyptian... or something, plus  a very early big-screen outing for P.G. Wodehouse's inimitable duo, Jeeves & Wooster, in 1936's Thank You, Jeeves'... but is it worth your time?

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Episode 65: Hidden Treasures

This time round...

THANK YOUs fly to some very special people, including the proprietor of the greatest hair salon on Earth, which features as part of its decor 'THE BRIGHTON STRANGLER!', automatically earning the greatest soft-rock "Canterbury!" yet...

PLUS... the happiest cigarette song ever sung!

New questions are PLUCKED from The Question Pot!

BE A REVIEWER for The Attaboy Clarence Podcast by watching terrible films and telling the world about them!

And hear all about three films that were lost, and then rediscovered, including a creaky drama starring Madeleine Carroll, a British sea-side noir thriller starring Peter Lorre, and a very peculiar silent film starring 'The First Lady Of Radio', Arlene Francis!

Radio entertainment comes courtesy of a classic quiz show!

Welcome to Episode 65!

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Episode 38: Good Lawd!

In this episode, Adam puts a whole new SLANT on Shakespearean names, ENTERS a competition live on air, and CREATES a new classic movie fan (with your help)...

We'll take a look at Humphrey Bogart's chilling 1951 thriller, 'The Enforcer', Mickey Rooney's preposterously befuddling attempt at going gangster in 1950's 'Quicksand', and take a trip through the creation of the Earth, hand in hand with "De Lawd", in the often controversial, but surprisingly delightful 'The Green Pastures' from 1936.

Radio entertainment this week comes from the Lux Radio Theatre, in a very biblical adaptation, starring Victor Mature and Hedy Lamarr.

ALSO WITH ADDED Mentalfloss! Podcast Awards! 1980's High Fives! Machine-Gun-Canterburys!

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Episode 29: This Is Getting Serial...

In this, the 29th incarnation of Attaboy Clarence, we're descending into the grim domain of the serial killer...

Adam brings you three early examples of serial-killer-thrillers in classic cinema, 'Lured' a glossy affair from 1947, 'The Spiral Staircase', a shadowy horror from 1946, and the nightmarish German classic, 'M' from 1931.

Radio entertainment comes in the form of two classic thrillers from Suspense and The Screen Director's Playhouse.

Also, listen as a man in a chamber pot tries to talk up the glamorous side of washing the dishes, and we indulge in a round-the-world quiz, courtesy of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

Let the good times roll!

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