betty compson


Episode 63: Pre-Code Gals

Hitch up your skirts, and put on your high heels, because this week, we're off to the forbidden land of Pre-Code cinema, to look at a trio of lesser-known films starring some remarkable women...

Betty Compson plays a principled prostitute who comes between a father and son in 'The Lady Refuses' (1931). Kay Francis and Lilyan Tashman play a pair of determined New York escorts looking for the real thing in 'Girls About Town' (1931), and Alice Brady plays the mother from hell to Maureen O'Sullivan's fresh-faced dancer in 'Stage Mother' (1933).

There's also a raft of thank yous, a few liberally distributed Canterburys (including a brand new Barack Obama flavoured version...), plus The Question Pot throws up three more echoey enquiries...

Radio entertainment comes courtesy of the Lux Radio Theatre, and their adaptation of a notorious Pre-Code classic.

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