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Episode 63: Pre-Code Gals

Hitch up your skirts, and put on your high heels, because this week, we're off to the forbidden land of Pre-Code cinema, to look at a trio of lesser-known films starring some remarkable women...

Betty Compson plays a principled prostitute who comes between a father and son in 'The Lady Refuses' (1931). Kay Francis and Lilyan Tashman play a pair of determined New York escorts looking for the real thing in 'Girls About Town' (1931), and Alice Brady plays the mother from hell to Maureen O'Sullivan's fresh-faced dancer in 'Stage Mother' (1933).

There's also a raft of thank yous, a few liberally distributed Canterburys (including a brand new Barack Obama flavoured version...), plus The Question Pot throws up three more echoey enquiries...

Radio entertainment comes courtesy of the Lux Radio Theatre, and their adaptation of a notorious Pre-Code classic.

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Episode 59: Old School

This week, the SECRET of how to save yourself from drowning (by drinking a what?)...

The Top 10 "THAT GUYS/GALS"...

Find out which five movies Adam would choose to take to a DESERT ISLAND...


AND reviews on a very scholarly theme, as we take a trip back to school for a pair of Golden Age school movies that are very much worth your time; 1938's 'A Yank At Oxford', and 1940's 'Tom Brown's School Days'.

Radio entertainment comes courtesy of the Screen Guild Theatre, who present a very special story starring a very special guest...

Also, let prizes be drawn, and let prizes be announced!

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Episode 54: Sci-Fi, So Good

It's a cosmic return for the Attaboy Clarence podcast as the hiatus ends, and a new, weekly, and most definitely un-improved show returns!

This week, milestones have been hit, and there's a new section, the shiny new Question Pot! Throw a question into it, won't you...


Hear Ricey-something being sold via the use of sound effects, and hear the classiest ode to alcoholism ever!

Hear reviews of a gangster movie starring Mrs Danvers, and the most preposterous science-fiction film ever made... PLUS, radio entertainment comes courtesy of the fabulous X-Minus-One, and a chillingly accurate tale of the future...

It's all here, so strap yourselves in for the new weekly show!

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Episode 46: Brother To Sun, Friend To Rain

This week, Adam receives some unwanted attention from a bad piano player, and tries to work out what the hell the "green can" song is all about...

CANTERBURYS of all varieties! A competition WINNER! A special GUEST!

AND... THREE movies to tell you about: 'Dodsworth' (1936), 'Reckless' (1935) and the ridiculous (and ridiculously entertaining) 'Tarzan's New York Adventure' (1942), otherwise known as 'Tarzan Goes To Court'.

Radio entertainment comes courtesy of the Lux Radio Theatre, and features the superlative talents of Cary Grant and Claudette Colbert.

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