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The Hundredth Episode!

It’s a very special CENTENARY EDITION of Attaboy Clarence!


What a thrill it’s been to make one hundred of these shows, so let’s celebrate in the only way I know how, namely to tell you about some amazing movies, to present a wonderful piece of old-time radio, to snap our fingers to some classic music, and…

TIME TRAVEL back with me to some of the highs and lows, including my best impression of a 1970’s radio DJ, and the review that caused me to almost collapse…

…endure… I mean enjoy a CANTERBURY RETROSPECTIVE!

… come along for the moment that I met Brook Darnell LIVE IN PERSON!

…hear the Top 5 ads that kicked the advertising obsession off, PLUS we’ll dust off an old friend in order to make it through a lulu of a bra advert!

…hear the song that HUMPHREY’s covering these days!

SOOKIE’s on hand with her own tribute…

…and for the first time, a review of a movie that isn’t an actual review…

It’s all here in this very special HUNDREDTH EDITION OF ATTABOY CLARENCE! Can you believe we made it?

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No Strings

It’s wonderful to be back with you after so many weeks! 

I have thanks and fistbumps-a-plenty to hand out, plus a new Hat-vert, and… what’s that noise? It kind of sounds like a Texas Bad Courtesy Wax On… or is that a Freshest Mad Hurts The Most Jackson…?

This week’s episode is dedicated to classic children’s movies, with reviews of ‘Hoppity Goes To Town’, ‘Fun and Fancy Free’, ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, and ‘Tom Thumb’.

The radio play this week is a dazzling adaptation of my favourite kids movie ever, featuring the original voice cast from the movie, and made with the blessing of its creator, perhaps the greatest producer of family entertainment in cinema history.

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