Episode 20: The Man Who Disappeared

And with that, we arrive at Episode Roaring 20!

IGNITE the flames of passion as Adam douses you in the passionate fumes of the sexiest advert ever produced!

COOL thyself with the (snore) droning tones of (zzzz) an instant buzzkill… but try not to fall asleep on your keyboarddddddddddddmkgbjnkogyuhilp,;.l;.//;

DELIGHT in this week’s animated Film Club choice, a riotous lampoon of Hollywood’s legends!

FROWN at the dulcet tones of Humphrey (Hamfwey) as he regales you with the most recent songs of BBC Radio 2!

JOLT into life as the Sexist Advertisement Klaxon reminds all lonely spinsters to keep themselves clean!

CRINGE as a “reliable source” tells lies that would make Pinocchio’s nose grow to the size of a vaulter’s pole.

REJOICE in the fact that a largely forgotten Hollywood legend is being given his dues, and hear reviews of four of his movies!

ALSO, find out who has been triumphant in the piratical competition that will net its victor a trio of prizes!

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Episode 17: Who Is Number Fifteen?

Welcome back, everyone!

Forget your contemporary pop stars, why didn’t the ‘Spry’ song ever permeate the national consciousness?

Not only that, but it’s ‘Summer Money Time’, a time to be consistently interrupted.

Adam deals out lashings of High-Octane-80’s-High-Fives to all the good folk who’ve been making his days lately, and the Sexist Advertisement Klaxon once again rears its politically incorrect head.

What’s the most inappropriate radio show that a grammatically worrying “Just Right Sweet” sugar coated treat could possibly be linked to? 

Join The Attaboy Clarence Film Club and sound off, damn you.

PLUS, reviews of the nail-biting noir-thriller ‘The Woman In The Window’, the Cagney comedy ‘The Irish In Us’ ("O’HARA"), a horribly disappointing version of Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Black Cat’ starring Basil Rathbone, and James Stewart’s first movie, ‘The Murder Man’.

The radio play this week is an intriguing slice of mystery and drama, entitled ‘Libel’, from the Lux Radio Theatre, so turn the volume up, and settle back in for the just right sweet return of The Attaboy Clarence Podcast!

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No Strings

It’s wonderful to be back with you after so many weeks! 

I have thanks and fistbumps-a-plenty to hand out, plus a new Hat-vert, and… what’s that noise? It kind of sounds like a Texas Bad Courtesy Wax On… or is that a Freshest Mad Hurts The Most Jackson…?

This week’s episode is dedicated to classic children’s movies, with reviews of ‘Hoppity Goes To Town’, ‘Fun and Fancy Free’, ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, and ‘Tom Thumb’.

The radio play this week is a dazzling adaptation of my favourite kids movie ever, featuring the original voice cast from the movie, and made with the blessing of its creator, perhaps the greatest producer of family entertainment in cinema history.

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