norma shearer


Episode 85: CENSORED


In this week's episode...

The "clever mademoiselle" herself, Miss Brook Darnell returns for another edition of 'Brook's Inside Looks'...

There's a new Canterbury, courtesy of Smokey from Rated H...

The competition winner is announced. Have you won?

The Question Pot throws up three new classic movie queries...

Gorgeous music from Sophie Tucker and Fred Astaire....

And a trip into the darker side of classic cinema, as we take a look at three movies from the Golden Age that were BANNED! 

Radio entertainment comes from The Screen Director's Playhouse

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Episode 71: The Man With The Dog

This week, the most bizarre ad EVER!

The Question Pot is once again open for business!

There's a ridiculously hard edition of 'Who The Hell Is That Hollywood Legend?'

Reviews this week come courtesy of Humphrey Bogart's breakout hit, the dramatic consequences of a one-night-stand, and a silent screen star's star turn in a very glossy wartime thriller...

Radio entertainment comes courtesy of the Screen Guild Theatre.

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