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Episode 71: The Man With The Dog

This week, the most bizarre ad EVER!

The Question Pot is once again open for business!

There's a ridiculously hard edition of 'Who The Hell Is That Hollywood Legend?'

Reviews this week come courtesy of Humphrey Bogart's breakout hit, the dramatic consequences of a one-night-stand, and a silent screen star's star turn in a very glossy wartime thriller...

Radio entertainment comes courtesy of the Screen Guild Theatre.

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Episode 59: Old School

This week, the SECRET of how to save yourself from drowning (by drinking a what?)...

The Top 10 "THAT GUYS/GALS"...

Find out which five movies Adam would choose to take to a DESERT ISLAND...


AND reviews on a very scholarly theme, as we take a trip back to school for a pair of Golden Age school movies that are very much worth your time; 1938's 'A Yank At Oxford', and 1940's 'Tom Brown's School Days'.

Radio entertainment comes courtesy of the Screen Guild Theatre, who present a very special story starring a very special guest...

Also, let prizes be drawn, and let prizes be announced!

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