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Episode 32: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and White!

Welcome to the Ninja-sode, the one that came from nowhere to attack you in the dark!

This week, news bulletins and high fives, along with Ivory Flakes (or something), plus why must Adam spend every lunchtime alone?

Movie reviews come threefold today, courtesy of 'Angel On My Shoulder', 'Confession', and 'Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House', and the Lux Radio Theatre supplies us with another wonderful hour of comedy with one of cinema's true greats.

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Episode 20: The Man Who Disappeared

And with that, we arrive at Episode Roaring 20!

IGNITE the flames of passion as Adam douses you in the passionate fumes of the sexiest advert ever produced!

COOL thyself with the (snore) droning tones of (zzzz) an instant buzzkill… but try not to fall asleep on your keyboarddddddddddddmkgbjnkogyuhilp,;.l;.//;

DELIGHT in this week’s animated Film Club choice, a riotous lampoon of Hollywood’s legends!

FROWN at the dulcet tones of Humphrey (Hamfwey) as he regales you with the most recent songs of BBC Radio 2!

JOLT into life as the Sexist Advertisement Klaxon reminds all lonely spinsters to keep themselves clean!

CRINGE as a “reliable source” tells lies that would make Pinocchio’s nose grow to the size of a vaulter’s pole.

REJOICE in the fact that a largely forgotten Hollywood legend is being given his dues, and hear reviews of four of his movies!

ALSO, find out who has been triumphant in the piratical competition that will net its victor a trio of prizes!

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