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The Attaboy Clarence Christmas Special 2017


It's the Attaboy Clarence Christmas Special for 2017, featuring...

Gene Autry, Janet Leigh, Robert Mitchum, Greer Garson, Brook Darnell, Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson, a very old-time radio version of the nativity, the Christmas Pot, Sookie, Frank Sinatra, and of course, YOU the listeners!

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Episode 43: Go Ahead, Remake My Day

Attaboy Clarence returns with...
...a visit from Adam's dog!
Hygiene tips with Stinky Sue!
Canterburys of every variety!
News of a Hitchcock competition!
A song about a cat that isn't rude in any way!
Mrs Evans, the woman who just loves some orange juice!

And reviews of three classic movies that have seen remakes in recent years: Out Of The Past (1947), The Big Clock (1948), and Brewster's Millions (1945).

Radio entertainment comes courtesy of the Old Gold Comedy Theatre, and Harold Lloyd himself.


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