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Episode 84: Look At The Stars


In this week’s episode…

MUSIC from Doris Day, Billie Holiday and Jimmy Dorsey!

Reviews of two movies! A lesser-seen Universal Horror movie starring the Queen Of Camp and The Master Of Lumbering! And a romantic comedy featuring a war between astronomy and astrology starring William Powell and Hedy Lamarr!


How do you advertise oil by talking about outdoor clothing?

Who has a name that feels like ice-cream for the soul?

What ranks as “10” on the Doggie Compliment Scale?

What does the newest member of the Canterbury Pantheon sound like?

How on earth do you enter the new competition to win a book full of classic movie star posters?

The answers are all inside the new episode of Attaboy Clarence, so come on in and find out...

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Episode 83: The Same Procedure As Every Year


Welcome back, everyone!

To kick off 2018, there's news of a new REWARD for audiophiles!


FIND OUT what Sookie's favourite song is!

A brand new edition of 'Who The Hell IS That Hollywood Legend?'

A dip into the QUESTION POT!

The most BORING ad about explosives EVER! from Sophie Tucker, Fred Astaire and Judy Garland, and reviews of two classics: 1946's 'The Postman Always Rings Twice', and European cultural phenomenon 'Dinner For One' from 1963.

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Episode 42: Champagne For Ronald

In this week's episode...

MAN UP with Lustre Cream! The most macho of all the shampoos!

GET DOWN to the sound of Uncle Geoffrey's rapping skills!

VOTE for TWO UK Podcaster Awards finalists! 

SCOWL at a very sexist man with a great big nose!

RECOIL in horror at the sound of your favourite movie quotes in a different tongue!

PUNCH THE AIR as a listener with a very cool name takes to the skies armed with X-Ray specs and a knowledge of French wines!

And SWOON to reviews of three movies starring this week's featured legend, Mr Ronald Colman, 1937's 'The Prisoner Of Zenda', 1950's 'Champagne For Caesar', and, in Adam's opinion, the finest romantic drama ever, 1942's 'Random Harvest'.

We'll also take a trip to Ivy College for a lesson in human kindness with 'The Halls Of Ivy' and join the Screen Guild Theatre for a wonderful adaptation of one of the films mentioned in the show.

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