ronald colman


Episode 64: Capracorn

This week, we're celebrating one of the Golden Age's greatest directors, and Columbia's saviour, Mr Frank Capra, with a look at three of his finest films...


HEAR an ad that features a song that doesn't rhyme!

ROCK WITH LAUGHTER at America's "funniest" comedy duo (?)...

DISCOVER why the great financial crisis happened...

...and much more!

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Episode 52: Quiet Please

Creep on into Episode 52, as new diets are put to the "tesht"...
Adam discovers a trade secret, and we get hygiene tips from Sookie...

Reviews this week include 'The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo', 'Quiet Please - Murder!', and 'The House On 92nd Street'...

Radio entertainment comes courtesy of The Screen Guild Theatre, the place where a rather sinister assassination attempt once took place...

Come on in and hear all about it...

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Episode 42: Champagne For Ronald

In this week's episode...

MAN UP with Lustre Cream! The most macho of all the shampoos!

GET DOWN to the sound of Uncle Geoffrey's rapping skills!

VOTE for TWO UK Podcaster Awards finalists! 

SCOWL at a very sexist man with a great big nose!

RECOIL in horror at the sound of your favourite movie quotes in a different tongue!

PUNCH THE AIR as a listener with a very cool name takes to the skies armed with X-Ray specs and a knowledge of French wines!

And SWOON to reviews of three movies starring this week's featured legend, Mr Ronald Colman, 1937's 'The Prisoner Of Zenda', 1950's 'Champagne For Caesar', and, in Adam's opinion, the finest romantic drama ever, 1942's 'Random Harvest'.

We'll also take a trip to Ivy College for a lesson in human kindness with 'The Halls Of Ivy' and join the Screen Guild Theatre for a wonderful adaptation of one of the films mentioned in the show.

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Episode 17: Who Is Number Fifteen?

Welcome back, everyone!

Forget your contemporary pop stars, why didn’t the ‘Spry’ song ever permeate the national consciousness?

Not only that, but it’s ‘Summer Money Time’, a time to be consistently interrupted.

Adam deals out lashings of High-Octane-80’s-High-Fives to all the good folk who’ve been making his days lately, and the Sexist Advertisement Klaxon once again rears its politically incorrect head.

What’s the most inappropriate radio show that a grammatically worrying “Just Right Sweet” sugar coated treat could possibly be linked to? 

Join The Attaboy Clarence Film Club and sound off, damn you.

PLUS, reviews of the nail-biting noir-thriller ‘The Woman In The Window’, the Cagney comedy ‘The Irish In Us’ ("O’HARA"), a horribly disappointing version of Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Black Cat’ starring Basil Rathbone, and James Stewart’s first movie, ‘The Murder Man’.

The radio play this week is an intriguing slice of mystery and drama, entitled ‘Libel’, from the Lux Radio Theatre, so turn the volume up, and settle back in for the just right sweet return of The Attaboy Clarence Podcast!

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