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Episode 66: Mermaids And Dog Parades

This week, there's a new game in town, as well as an all new (very overactive) catchphrase!


The reviews are over to you...

And hear about a trio of very curious movies in which you'll find a lovesick mermaid, a David-Lynchian parade of dogs, and a superhero with the worst super-power you've ever heard of!

It's all here, so dive on into Episode 66!

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Episode 65: Hidden Treasures

This time round...

THANK YOUs fly to some very special people, including the proprietor of the greatest hair salon on Earth, which features as part of its decor 'THE BRIGHTON STRANGLER!', automatically earning the greatest soft-rock "Canterbury!" yet...

PLUS... the happiest cigarette song ever sung!

New questions are PLUCKED from The Question Pot!

BE A REVIEWER for The Attaboy Clarence Podcast by watching terrible films and telling the world about them!

And hear all about three films that were lost, and then rediscovered, including a creaky drama starring Madeleine Carroll, a British sea-side noir thriller starring Peter Lorre, and a very peculiar silent film starring 'The First Lady Of Radio', Arlene Francis!

Radio entertainment comes courtesy of a classic quiz show!

Welcome to Episode 65!

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